PerStyle - Our mission is to put together the perfect outfit for you for any occasions.

How It Works

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Step 1-style me now

Hello from PerStyle's Chatbot! Tell us what you're looking for on Facebook Messenger.


step 2-Get Styled

 Get styling recommendations from our stylists. It is a FREE OF CHARGE service.

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Step 3-buy what you love

 Buy only the items you like. No hidden fees. Pay the same price as you pay at the store.


Benefits of using PerStyle

No worry. We've got your back. Snap a picture of your cloth/dress and chat with us for styling recommendation for any occasions. FREE OF CHARGE.

Get styled by our expert stylists. We are here to make sure your look is well put-together and it is uniquely for you.

With over 500 high quality brands in our portfolio, every items in the recommendations is truly genuine. You will pay the same price as you pay at the store and there are also a huge variety of items at special discounts.

Join now to enjoy a personalized styling experience.

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