Meet Our Stylists

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Grace Mak

Grace Mak, a Hong Kong based image consultant, believes that to develop a unique personal style is like the creation of personal branding, which is not just for celebrities but anyone who wants to project a confident and individual image.

Through family influences and travels, she has developed an aptitude for art appreciation, culture and eventually image consulting. Her studies at the London College of Fashion and Association of Image Consultants International, has broaden her insights and enabled her to bring out the true beauty of her clients.


Caroline Fung

Caroline has resided in both Australia and Hong Kong, it allowed her to work with a vast range of people from different races and cultural backgrounds, whether they are her creative partners, models or clients. That has shaped her flexible understanding of Fashion and Beauty.

Since moving to Hong Kong to further explore the field of fashion, she had the fantastic opportunity that allowed her to break into, Celebrity Styling, TV commercial, and Print advertisement.


Johnny Chan

“Fashion = Style with Lasting and Timeless Significance” 

From a young age, Johnny has been committed to his love of fashion. His passion is to work with fashion designers and help them with their runway shows and presentations. This experience has given him the ability of not just being a fashion stylist, but an expertise to raise his clients profile and to foster an awareness of his clients style. His inspiration usually comes from art, geometry, minimalism and architecture.

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Sharon Ching

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